Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


Today was actually a really nice day, not weather wise, but the rest of the day surprised me in how well it went. This morning I was actually able to groom my dog! What a plus!
First hour, I followed much of the movie (Gandi). Joked a lot between first and second hour.
Second hour was rather boring! I'm sorry, but I don't find in text citations interesting.
Journalism and French were good as always.
Came home and hung out.
An update on the whole Kodiak route. Someone told me that they saw us, and said he did a diagonal. I talked to my mobility instructor, and we're gonna pattern that corner, and also explore it further.
It's been a rather difficult week, but I am finally feeling better. Next week will be short, but I have two doctor's appointments, a test to make up, an O&M lesson and a follow up visit from GDB.
Okay, I'm outa here!

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