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My weekend and today

Saturday was car care which is always a great thing. I was very glad I went!
We had a great lunch, which was awesome, then I went home and worked on homework. Our family tried a new Mexican restaurant, and to my surprise, I loved it! It was awesome!
Yesterday, we had church, and a great discussion was had in Sunday school. The service was good too. I felt pretty good, because I'd gotten enough sleep.
I had lunch with a very very good friend. Then came home and relaxed for the afternoon. As a treat for Julio, I gave him part of his meal in a cong. That was fun for him.
But last night, I didn't get very much sleep, because my stomach was upset, and I'd had too much caffene.
So this morning I was tired. I am so frustrated with school! I hat it! I am struggling to keep up with all of the material that is not converted into readable form when the other students get it. It gets converted on that day usually, but it makes Diane's job harder, and it makes my job harder too.
Today, we have our take homes of our group's papers. Meaning that I have to have my group members email their papers to me. Which is fine, but I sort of needed to go to prayer tonight. And if the papers don't come soon, that's not going to happen.
I need to do a crap load of extra credit to make up the points I'm missing because of a map quiz I cannot complete. And I don't know how I'm going to do that.
Why am I so negative? Arg!!!
I am so frustrated, I can hardly think enough to do my homework. Maybe getting what I can get done done will help.
Oh, and I got a B+ on that paper. I'm pretty ticked at myself for that. I used to get A's on all my papers for that teacher. Obviously, my writing has gone downhill.
Well, I need to finish my home work. Maybe that'll make me feel better.

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